Safety Code

Ice Skating is great fun and by following these few simple steps can be a safe and enjoyable experience.

wear whatever you feel comfortable in. The air temperture is around 16 degrees, so warmer than you  may think.

Gloves are optional extra to give you extra protection should you fall.

The general rule of thumb for which size skate to wear is half a size bigger than your normal shoe size and we have skates ranging from a childe's 7 to as adults 13 & half.



  • Do make sure your skates are correctly laced
  • Do wear gloves
  • Do make sure you skate in an anti-clockwise direction
  • Do obey the ice marshals on duty


  • Don't sit or climb over the safety barrier
  • Don't chip, throw or spray ice
  • Don't skate at excessive speed
  • Don't drink or eat on the ice
  • Don't drop litter on the ice
  • Don't carry children or young babies on the ice
  • Don't skate in chains of more than 2 people
  • Don't use mobile phones on the ice